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Main goal: profesionalizing Holiday Rental Industry

The growth of the last 10 years has led the short-term rental sector to become the preferred option for most travelers, especially among families and large groups.

It is undoubtedly good news that unfortunately brings with it some disadvantages: this hospitality segment has no real entry barriers, making this type of business an opportunity for many people looking for a new job.

The market is showing us that customers are increasingly attracted to this type of hospitality but, at the same time, it is demanding quality and service standards comparable to those offered by hotel industry.

To ensure that operators are able to offer standard levels required by the market, training processes are the only way to allow those short-term rental operators to be able to guarantee the professionalism expected by guests.

For this reason, since 2013 Vacation Rental Rocket has been collaborating with all the major institutions, trade associations and companies in the sector to ensure the common goal is the complete professionalization and recognition of this activity as a real profession.



Accelerating Holiday Rental businesses since 2013

Vacation Rental Rocket project was born in 2015 but the training events and projects in the Vacation Rental field of the professionals who are today part of the team, date back more than 10 years ago.

Some of us started our journey in this sector by pure chance, when holiday rentals were a less trendy hospitality segment than today and certainly far from the success of recent years. Our training in digital marketing, business administration, revenue management, and interior design had helped us to develop a series of services that put us among the first to give support to Property management companies.

The years and the growing passion for a hospitality segment that has grown exponentially thanks to the “sharing economy”, have acted as a catalyst to transform our passion into a team of professionals who have already helped dozens of people and companies to develop successful business in the Vacation Rental industry.

Over the years we have worked in contact with realities that have broadened our vision, which today allow us to have an approach that goes beyond the single unit, giving us the opportunity to develop projects influenced by product design and destination management while applying agile and flexible methodologies.

If you want to launch successful projects in the tourist rentals, without a doubt Vacation Rental Rocket is the partner that allows you to be able to launch a new business or to grow existing projects with the guarantee of leaving nothing to chance.


In an increasingly competitive market we base our services on solid values


This is the key word that has activated dozens of projects: without the professionalization of this hospitality segment, there is no future. This is why we work tirelessly to ensure that operators can become professional, guests have their expectations fulfilled, and the market perceives Vacation Rental as a 100% professional service.


Without training there is no professionalization. This is one of the most important tools in Vacation Rental Rocket’s “toolbox”. In recent years we have been working on the implementation of dozens of training projects with the sole purpose of providing operators with tools to improve their business.


Data is power. But having data under your eyes and not knowing how to interpret them is a big problem. For that reason we have a “Data Driven Approach” that is, putting data analysis and data interpretation at the very beginning of any activity, from the simplest to the most complex.


In an increasingly digitalised market where over 80% of bookings come from digital media, innovation plays a key role. We have always worked closely with leading tech companies that produce products and services for the tourism industry to provide our customers with direct access to the latest innovations on market.


+15 years of experience at the service of your business

Gianpaolo Vairo

Business Development, Strategy & Growth, operations, connectivity, sales partnerships

Gianpaolo has been offering offering consultancy services to companies operating in the holiday rental market, supporting launch and growth of products, market expansion, and optimizing the performance of their business.

In 2021 Vacation Rental Rocket was nominated as one of the 20 top holiday rental consultancy firms.

In 2019 he founded Host B2B, the European Holiday Rental Professionals Community, a project whose main aim is to provide training and support to all professionals operating in the short-term rental industry, through acceleration programs and international training conferences, Progetto Borghi and Short Stay Week among others.


Francesco Mongiello

Online Marketing, content marketing, media & press, online presence

Francesco Mongiello, is a Digital Marketing Specialist and trainer, founder of Formazione Turismo, one of the most important Italian hospitality online training schools.

He is also the coordinator of FTLab – Digital Marketing Consultancy and Services for Tourism and Hospitality, a consultancy firm whose unique focus is developing tailor-made digital products for the hospitality industry.

During the past 20 years he partnered with all of the most important Italian Business Schools, where he provides its contribution in the design of Courses and Masters, primarily those on Digital Marketing applied to Tourism, the hotel industry and vacation rentals.

Since 2019 he is co-founder of Host B2B and collaborates with the most important exhibitors and partners of BIT (Borsa Europea del Turismo – Milan, Italy).


Christian Fusco

Online strategies, online visibility, content strategies

For 5 years he has been working as a Business developer for companies in the world of education.

He loves contact with people and the goodness of the territory, the main reasons that drove him to open in 2018 a B&B. This experience gathered along the way led him to fund Ilmiobeb.it , where it exploits his experience in business consulting to support property managers, hosts and B&B owners.

He joined the Host B2B team in 2021 with the desire to support even more entrepreneurs and hosts to scale their businesses. He is also co-founder of Wityway a start-up that offers digital tools to create and support local tourism networks.



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