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VRR can provide you all the support you need to develop great products and to make them visible in the right market


Willing to open new markets or to grow your customer base? VRR is your ideal Business Development partner

Regardless of the type of product or service your company offers, knowing the market and its main players is an essential step that allows you to grow quickly.

VRR has a very dense network of contacts with the main players in the holiday rental industry throughout Europe, but especially in the Mediterranean area (Italy, Spain, France, Portugal).

We can offer you maximum support to scale your brand into new markets and to establish a commercial network thanks to strategic partnerships with the main holiday rental associations and other service providers in the European market.


We have helped many companies to scale their business into other European markets. We can provide you with all the support you need to develop a sales strategy and help you achieve your penetration and revenue goals.


Opening a new market is not always an easy thing, especially if you do not know the internal dynamics that move it. We can offer you full support to carry out the market analysis to develop effective sales and business development strategies.


Market is continuously evolving so your services need to: VRR can help you deliver incredible and meaningful products designed to meet your target market needs

If you are about to launch a new product or you are already developing one, it’s really important to understand if it will be able to meet the market needs and expectations.

The VRR team can give you full support to carry out specialized market research to understand if your products and services can meet your target market needs, or it can help you develop additional tools and services to improve your existing ones.

If you are looking for new technological integrations or partnerships, thanks to the international network VRR belongs, our team can give you full support to develop new technological partnerships.


Thanks to the experience gained over the years tourism platforms and digital products, we have helped many companies (PMS, Channel Managers, IoT) to develop new products or improve their existing services.


Nowadays it is not always convenient to develop new digital products and services relying only on your own resources, but using third-party integrations or APIs. Thanks to our network, we can help you find the best tech partners to develop the latest generation products and services.


In a very competitive market it’s very important to be noticed by your target audience: VRR can help you to increase your brand visibility and awareness in Europe

If you are launching your services in Europe or you want to increase the visibility of your brand within the workgroups and channels dedicated to the short-term rentals industry, VRR can offer you a highly targeted marketing service, which allows you to get in contact with a selected and loyal audience, thanks to collaborations with the top bloggers, influencers and content producers available.

VRR is a founding member or main partner of some of the most important international conferences dedicated to the holiday rental industry, such as Book Direct Show or Short Stay Week, excellent opportunities to make your products and services visible among a highly target public.


VRR can count on the collaboration of all the holiday rental national associations, groups of influencers and direct participation in all the major groups on the most important social media in Italy and Spain and the rest of Europe. We can offer you digital PR services, to give visibility to your product and service on the main blogs and industry media.


VRR can help you access the main industry events and conferences at very competitive prices, a very effective way to increase the visibility of your brand and generate a large number of qualified leads with little expense.


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